Air Compressors

WABCO compressors are a proven design, featuring monobloc crankcases and a fully-hardened steel crankshaft.

Equipped with an optional power reduction system integrated into the cylinder head, WABCO compressors significantly reduce power consumption during the off-load phase. When fitted with an optional temperature reduction system, they enhance cooling capacity in the cylinder head.

With a wide range of models, developed over many years of service, WABCO has a compressor design suitable for almost any application.


WABCO designed its High Output Compressor, h-comp, to increase the free air delivery by using a 100 mm piston diameter.

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Extra cooling and higher performance are the key benefits of this revolutionary two-stage compressor.

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A simple on-off control and an integrated pneumatic clutch means that this compressor uses less engine power.

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For vehicles with hybrid and full electric drivelines, this robust compressor can work off an independent power source.

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Water-cooled Modular Compressor

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