Active Steering Technology

Lateral vehicle control as a building block technology for Autonomous Driving.


Customer Value
  • Comes as technical milestone enabling full dynamic control of commercial vehicles
  • Helps to ease vehicle handling and improve safety while enhancing driver comfort
  • Builds on mature technology already proven in commercial vehicle industry
  • Small envelop and low weight allows easy application to given vehicle architecture
  • Provides unparalleled mounting flexibility for the related ECU
  • Cost-effective, robust solution provides minimized application effort for the customer
  • Unlocks a broad range of additional potential sales for OEMs through value-adding optional features leveraging same hardware
  • Unique technical design consists of hydraulic steering gear with integrated electromagnetic actuator and a stand-alone steering ECU
  • Interface for external steer request enables control functions to improve vehicle stability and to control vehicle trajectory
  • Offers a broad range of advanced steering functionalities on the roadmap towards autonomous driving to enable
    • Eased vehicle handling
    • Active Disturbance Management
    • Improved vehicle stability control
    • Vibration effect on the steering wheel as haptic alert
    • A wide range of advanced driver assistance systems
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