WABCO's Innovations on the Road to Autonomy

The commercial vehicle industry is accelerating towards a future of increasingly autonomous, connected and electric vehicles. Discover how some of WABCO's pioneering technologies are enabling truck, bus and trailer manufacturers to realize their vision for self-driving vehicles. Watch and download WABCO's latest technology demonstrations  filmed at its test track in Jeversen, Germany. As well as featuring these advanced systems, Dr. Christian Brenneke, Chief Technology Officer, also offers insights into WABCO's strategy and next-generation innovations. 


 Interview with Dr. Christian Brenneke, WABCO Chief Technology Officer

Watch Dr. Christian Brenneke, WABCO's Chief Technology Officer as he highlights the prominent role WABCO plays in enabling commercial vehicle automation, autonomous driving, and platooning, as well as key industry developments in China, India, and North America.



WABCO Technology Demonstration

Watch some of WABCO's latest autonomous and advanced driver assistance technologies in action. 




  • WABCO Technology Demonstrations 

Fail-operational Steering

WABCO demonstrates fail-operational systems for both braking and steering on autonomous commercial vehicles. The vehicle follows a pre-set, GPS-guided route. Should the active steering system malfunction, the braking control system takes over and applies controlled braking forces to specific front wheels, thereby maintaining steering in the desired direction.


follow url Fail-operational Braking

WABCO demonstrates fail-operational capabilities for its braking system, a vital prerequisite for autonomous commercial vehicles of the future. The vehicle follows a pre-set, GPS-guided route and is programmed to come to a safe, complete stop at a specific location. Even if the primary braking system is disabled, a back-up system effectively stops the truck at the precise target position.


Continuous Lane Keeping

This next-generation safety technology combines WABCO's OnLane with active steering capabilities to prevent unintended lane drift and related road accidents. WABCO's lane keeping system relies on active steering capabilities to ensure the commercial vehicle stays in its lane. A forward-looking camera monitors the vehicle's position within lane markings while a sophisticated control function directs the active steering system to continuously keep the vehicle centered in its lane. 


Full Braking on Mixed Friction Surfaces

WABCO is working to optimize the safety performance of commercial vehicles even in the most adverse environmental conditions. Today, drivers may encounter difficult to control situations when braking on mixed friction surfaces. In the future, WABCO will enable commercial vehicles to autonomously apply a combination of braking and active steering systems, thereby enhancing both longitudinal and lateral vehicle control even when full brake force is applied.  



Autonomous Braking in Platoons

WABCO envisions truck platoons to feature in an autonomous future, offering the benefits and efficiency of improved aerodynamics as several tractor-trailer combinations follow each other closely at highway speeds. Leveraging our industry-leading braking capabilities, WABCO can enable shorter following distances behind the lead vehicle. WABCO can also enable all the platoon's vehicles to simultaneously apply full braking from speeds of 80-0 km/h when the lead vehicle encounters a stationary object ahead.  


Remote Controlled Parking

Contributing to increasing levels of automation in confined spaces such as parking areas or loading docks, WABCO helps drivers to remotely control the lateral and longitudinal movement of commercial vehicles from outside the cabin. 



Remote Controlled Coupling

WABCO introduces remote control to simplify the coupling process between tractors and trailers. The tractor autonomously locates a specific trailer while controlling the vehicle's steering and its speed within defined parameters. Outside the cabin, the driver then remotely controls the tractor, including its speed and chassis height. 





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