Identifying WABCO Original Packaging


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WABCO’s packaging and security labels make it easy to quickly identify whether you have an original WABCO part or not. With a quick glance at WABCO’s distinctive PrioSpot® code and by using the simple online tool to verify the unique serial number identifier, you can be assured that you are using a WABCO Original product. The new packaging is equipped with probably the most sophisticated system currently available worldwide.

The new packaging initiative illustrates WABCO's commitment to provide the independent Aftermarket network with the tools they need to best serve their customers.

Pictured: WABCO original packaging with its blue and green dovetailing lines


WABCO Original security features:

click to enlarge image Security Seal

Our Security Seal clearly shows whether a shipment has completed its journey in the logistics chain intact and in its original packaging.

Product label

The WABCO product label is affixed on the right side of each box.

Prio Spot

The silver PrioSpot ® is part of the WABCO label displayed in the lower left corner of the label. Every PrioSpot is unique.

Online Verification

Verify the authenticity of your WABCO product by checking the unique serial number (MAPP code) with the online verification tool.









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